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CH Nl* Norforcats Daydreamer in loviing memory

CH Nl* Norforcats Daydreamer

nata il 26 ottobre 2012 - deceduta il 17 settembre 2017
padre: NL*SC Sterrekatten’s Johnny be Good n 23 - madre: S* Aristo Limaz Montana Miel n 09 22
colore: black blotched con bianco, n 09 22
Fiv, Felv, filaria: negativa (snap test del 04/04/2012 dott. Dario)
                           negativa (snap test del 27/06/2013 dott. Dario)
coronavirus negativa
GSD4 negativa per parentela
HCM: 1° scan normale (esame del 27/06/2013 D.ssa D. Lenoci)

2° scan normale (esame del 04/12/2014 D.ssa D. Lenoci) - genitori negativi
pedigree angel, you're only a sweet and struggling memory now: you left us., you left me.

What am I supposed to to now without you? Everything here reminds me of you and i would like to have you still here with me.
How can i go on? Will I never hear your "meow" again, will I never have you here by my side, or sleeping to my chest... How I miss you, my baby!
Our beloved CH NL*NORFORCATS Daydreamer died by hepatic lipidosis. We hoped for her to recover but she left this house and never came back.
Thanks to Alie Wiersma for supporting me.
Thanks to my vet Marco Dario (Ambulatorio Veterinario Arca di Noè) and to Adalberto Pepe and Candida Zuppa (Clinica Veterinaria Città di Monopoli) for everything you did with professionality and humanity from september the 9th until the last day.
Dreamy was such a special cat for me, she was my soulmate. But her time on earth came to the end that night... I still remember that phone call....
Dreamy, The house is empty without you.

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