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Freya Oyne Samira, gatti norvegesi

There is nothing sweeter for me than coming back home and being greeted by my beloved cats or "Pelosetti" (as I use to call them in italian).
I love cats and I manage a small cattery of Norvegian Forest Cats. Why?
Obviously I also have a feline soul, I love their elegance, their discretion, their indipendence, the way they speak to me and just understand me without words.
People owning a cat can perfectly understand what I mean: cats really do have special powers!
My adventure began on 28 November 2009, when on the eve of my thirtieth birthday, I decided to take home my Sunny!
Her name is not a coincidence: she really brought the sun into my life with her sweetness and her being "human"!
Within a few months, my life has been turned upside down, and I have also catapulted my husband in this beautiful and tender coexistence.
This is how my tale with these magic creatures began, I'm taking the first steps towards this dream that took me deep in my heart.
I choose to breed the Norwegian Forest Cats, the fairy cats of the nordic Goddess Freya, and that's why I decided to call my kennel "Freya Oyne" from Norwegian language, meaning "the Eyes of Freya."
My kids, or angels, as I often call them, live in our house and are real members of our family, and they’re also the keepers of my thoughts and secrets.
After my story in few words, I welcome you in my big, “hairy” family full of love.
Please come in: I'd be glad to introduce you all!

Moira Mele

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